Mrs. Burke's 4th Grade

Burke’s Bulletin

Summer 2018


“Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.”

                                                        -Mother Teresa

 Happy Summer! 

This school year has been a great year! I am so proud of the growth that each child has made, and I look forward to seeing the great things they all will do during their lifetime. I greatly appreciate your support both in the classroom and at home. Please continue to create experiences with your children. Ask questions and find their answers by reading. Practice having a growth mindset, and always remember the power of "yet!"


If you are not following our Twitter page, please consider joining. I try to post photographs each day of our students working.  I will also post questions to guide family discussion about our learning. Please find us: @LaurisaBurke


Ask your child: 

Reading/Writing/Social Studies/Science



How is energy converted and transferred from one object to another?

To conclude our study of energy, students will be presenting their energy slideshow presentations to other classrooms throughout the school.  The students will also write their last narrative essay for the school year. I will pose the following problem, and students will write to solve this problem. The students will need to use content specific vocabulary and concepts regarding energy transfers to solve the problem.

Problem: A tornado stuck the powerplant that supplies energy to Coolidge Elementary School. It will not be fixed for 4 years. How will Coolidge get the energy it needs?



This week in math we will be focusing on: 

Multiplication and division are part of the same fact family. So if your child is confident in their multiplication facts, division will come much more easily. For example: 4 x 8 = 32, 8 x 4=32, 32/8=4, 32/4=8.  The numbers 4,8, and 32 all belong to an important fact family. We did it! We made it through all 1-12. We will continue to practice by moving into division facts. We have been discussing fact families, and that all multiplication facts are part of division facts as well!

We will look at fraction multiplication situations including multiplying by whole numbers, and multiplying mixed numbers by whole numbers. 

Growth Mindset

Please speak openly about our brains at home. Remind your child that our brains are malleable. Our brains can grow more connections as we encounter work and activities that are challenging. Also, remind your child that you are not only happy with the result, but with their perseverance. You are celebrating the journey and work put into achieving a goal/outcome/grade.



The month of May I all about being MINDFUL. This means that you try your best to be “in the moment.”  Mindful behavior might include; thinking before I act or speak, paying attention to the things around me, focusing when I listen.

This week we will practice techniques that help to get our minds, bodies, ears, eyes and mouths ready for being mindful.


Important Information

June 5th: Safety Patrol Picnic
June 8th: Fitness Friday 

June 13th: Field Day
June 14th: Half Day
June 15th: Last Day 1/2 Day: 4th Grade Clap-out 11:45