Mrs. Burke's 4th Grade

Burke’s Bulletin

January 16th-19th, 2018


“Believe in yourself and you’re halfway there.”

                                                        -Theodore Roosevelt

We had a great week settling back into our routine. We spent time reviewing procedures, practicing some team challenges, and writing a new class mission statement. Thank you for sending such hard workers to school each and every day!

We are always in need of donations for our classroom treasure box. If you have any trinkets or small toys that you may be considering throwing away or donating, please consider donating them to our class. We will also take donations of suckers (dumb dumbs). Thank you!

If you are not following our Twitter page, please consider joining. I try to post photographs each day of our students working.  I will also post questions to guide family discussion about our learning. Please find us: @LaurisaBurke


Ask your child: 

Reading/Writing/Social Studies

This week we will shift our focus on examining essays that have already been written. We will look at them and analyze them as expert writers. Using our writing checklist and graphic organizer templates, students will check various pieces of text.

Our class will also begin to move more heavily into the Southeastern Region of the United States. We will become geographers and economists as we investigate this region.  We will continue to think about the question, “Is human interaction with the manatee helpful or hurtful.” Students will then be asked to form their own opinion, based on evidence, and communicate this opinion through writing an opinion piece.

Look for your child’s end of unit writing to come home. Please read and discuss their informational writing about animal structures, as well as their bioengineering work!



This week in math we will be focusing on: 

Unit 4 focuses very heavily on multiplication. We will be working daily on our multiplication facts through songs and timed practice. We have stated times 0 and times 1. Next week we will work on our times 2 facts. Please, please create or purchase multiplication flash cards and practice them weekly! This week we will also work on converting liters to milliliters, use place value to understand multi-digit whole numbers, and partial product multiplication.

Growth Mindset

Please speak openly about our brains at home. Remind your child that our brains are malleable. Our brains can grow more connections as we encounter work and activities that are challenging. Also, remind your child that you are not only happy with the result, but with their perseverance. You are celebrating the journey and work put into achieving a goal/outcome/grade.


This month is all about CONFIDENCE! This week we will talk about the words, “I Can’t!” As a class we will talk about how these words should not be part of our classroom. We will decide that those words are banned from our room.


  • A secure feeling
  • A happy feeling
  • An energized feeling
  • A light- hearted feeling without stress or tension
  • A state in which one can trust and believe and be sure about one’s abilities and qualities.


Genius Hour

Thank you to those of you who have been sending in items for us to use. Our next project will be to make a new animal by combining structures from animals we have investigated.

We are working on replenishing our Genius Hour project resources. Each week we will turn our classroom into a place that facilitates students to be creative problem solvers, thinkers, and doers. Students will be able to pick a topic that interests them, ask a question about that topic, investigate it, and finally present the answer to the question. Some activities will ask students to create real world places/building, rooms, out of Legos or craft materials.  Other activities will allow students to work with technology.  Still other activities will allow the students to take part in creative exploration.  To make this possible, we will need your help!


***If you are able to send the following items throughout the year, we would greatly appreciate it. Many items will need replenishing

Please send in:

Paper towel/ toilette paper tubes

Empty tissue boxes

Paper Bags (Big or small)

Shoe boxes

A bag of LEGO pieces

Pipe Cleaners

Cotton Balls

Popsicle Sticks

Liquid Glue

Scrap cardboard

Scrap Paper




Important Information

Now-February 16th: Box Tops

January 15th: No School...MLK Day!