Guerriero's Gym

Welcome to Physical Education Class!

I am your child's physical education teacher here at Coolidge Elementary and looking forward to your child’s participation in our program.  Livonia Public Schools physical education curriculum emphasizes a well-rounded sequence of development.  It encourages and promotes growth in the physical, mental, social and emotional health of each child.  I  will use the exemplary health and physical education program provided by the district.

Students in grades K - 4 will attend physical education once a week for 45 minutes.  In order for students to gain the most benefit from this program and to ensure their safety, we are asking that your child follow these rules:

          1. Gym shoes must be worn at all times during physical education class. 

          2. Clothing should be worn which allows for freedom of movement and is appropriate for play.

Students will be evaluated in the following areas:  

          1. Fundamental Skills: Demonstrate appropriate motor skills, fitness skill, and/or object control skills.

          2. Participation: Demonstrate best effort individually and in groups during physical activity.

          3. Behavior: Listens, follows direction and behaves appropriately.


Please provide me with any medical issues/information based on periodic medical examinations, to avoid unnecessary risks while participating in physical education class.


I am looking forward to working with your child and supporting him/her in achieving a lifetime of fun and fitness.  Feel free to contact me at Coolidge/Rosedale should you have any questions or concerns.